review odc-20

Review & Test of the time we will talk about the Effect of the Overdrive and Overdrive audio is not usually desirable that some may find to be quite as many. Like thick tone and crashed head amp or tube amp. Some people do not like carrying a container is used for Preamp which is very expensive. Some of them use general Pedal previous example, there are plenty in the market. I see some people who carry a 3-4 with an Overdrive Distortion only because I like some features of each option would be to buy them stuff. It’s all the same symptoms that occurred to me me. So the question in my mind that it would have the Overdrive Effect with multiple species in the same and only the Pedal is easy to carry. Which I had seen it advertised in the book OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE is the BOSS Drive Zone OD-20′s I was qualified to do them all at the beginning.

General appearance.
The Sound Effect Overdrive Twin Pedal is a pedal, but I have two pedals in one. Effect size larger than normal as the preceding previous Effect 2 come together, which I assume is very convenient to carry. And is very strong. Good to have on the Luis.

One. Keys of the Model Drive in the different versions.
Two. Buttons Level of Drive.
Three. BOTTOM button to TONE.
Five. Buttons Level of Effect.

For me it is the sound Effect Overdrive / Distortion is great to have a very wide variety of sounds. Series, which I have reached the desired Sound in many different ways with great sound quality. I advice you to try their look on. Imagine the size of the hit Effect Tube Screamer is available in OD-20 used to work for me. I will share with Digital Delay DD-5 and trailers with Reverb RV-3 RV-3′s Level I to a low not to sound too much more. But the tone of voice as opposed to the thicker Rack Effect models with price several thousand brand it. This method may be applied to people like me. But I will take the time to try it.

Important features.
One. Use COSM (Composite Object Sound Modeling) which is capable of generating audio Distortion Effect of different types from the 22 vintage classics to more modern sound. At first I thought that would be the voice of the Effect of previous versions of the Boss feature is included in this But that’s not it. It uses COSM technology to model the sound Distortion Model and like it. Also very customizable. Tone up and very thick. I would reiterate that it is a dimension of sound Effect Pedal than normal.

2. A ATTACK SHAPE knob is used to change the Tone of the attack portion of the sound will be fine-tuning to the left and right. On the left is a smoother tone will sound and the bass came out first. The right edge is sharp and the sound is quite solid. But if it is in the middle between the 2 this mix.

Three. HEAVY OVTAVE button to add the octave below the note you want to use cases in which the lower Octave tuning is mixed into this. How do you create sound. I have an extreme low.

4. AMP CTRL (amp control) button Switches amp channel if the amp with channel switching jack and is connected to a channel of the OD-20 AMP CTRL me to use it.

5. A Memory save the settings of the sound that we are saved and can be used while playing. The pedal on the right. The Effect Pedal, a feature generally not available due to a general Pedal Effect of time it takes to do so if the. If I change the control to hand this problem is not new to the OD-20 here.