Effects celebrities

GT: STEVE VAI also use DS -1.
Pop it: some people use DS -1 in PEDAL BOARD STEVE VAI some thought must go.
DS -1, then do not use it, but it is the voice of the main structures of the AMP AMP AMP MARSHALL who was with the MODIFY BOGNER AMP, which is very expensive, you can not get sound from STEVE VAI DS -1. Sometimes, if we see from the images. I did not read it the wrong way.

GT: JOE SATRIANI use the same DS -1.
I pop: JOE SAT I is the difference I do not use the distortion of DS -1.
Adjust the AMP MARESHALL CLEAN SOVND like to JOHN NORUM of the Europe.
GARY MOORE they will use the same DS -1 GARY MOORE I think.
The amp head is a little after the break up but DS -1 BOOST JOE SAT using DS -1.
Since only MARSHALL AMP is a tube that can be formulated. It is perfect for me.
Plus the time it is WORK. I believe that. I’ve been on a tour to see the amp he used.
I stick to my DS -1 I try to see. It turns out that the sound really JOE SAT.
I will be heading ANIVERSARY 3 CHANNEL JOE at play in my studio they used.
AMP system in the studio, it is not necessarily the same AMP AMP I chose to do this song.
This will take some DS -1, so I like to listen to music on the album! It was pretty SOUND DS -1 it ‘s not just the music, with the guitar as the guitar in the studio to carry me. But they will live down to exactly what you need. Only because I do not want to be like STUDIO any form, otherwise they have to carry it out do so SOUND in the album can not be measured from available information, a little bit, if you want, then we have to follow. to see if it is something that perhaps he was the Japanese book. YNGWIE which sometimes even compressed it is, I’ve been using GIBSON.
Try these and it costs a lot GT: I have the LEVEL MATCH next to what I need.
Pop I try to DRIVE that is much less. Dependent on it. Now, if it was up to us to AMP AMP is sound again. It is possible that we will have to DRIVE it, but if we adjust the audio AMP DRIVE ON DRIVE, then we may be the only two in 10 or 3,4,5 In most cases, I would estimate that less than 5. For personal adapt to AMP about 6-8 in the CHANNEL SOLO CHANNEL RHYTHM for GAIN GAIN 6-8 but I will if I have a very long line jack may be adjusted to compensate for something a little bit lost sometimes. SOLO, I may be 10, I do not use TS -9, but it is our choice if we were talking about before the CHANNEL RHYTHM BOOST GAIN 6-8, we can do it using TS -9 is the SOUND. ROCK & ROLL is a HARD ROCK SOLO, I would not do it in the 6-8 CHANNEL SOLO If I like it and I stepped into OVERDRIVE SOUND I will rise again. OK, now that I have 4 GAIN STAGE I choose. How to use OVERDRIVE other is the AMP as a CHANNEL instance typically CLEAN, RAYTHM, SOLO, we chased me CLEAN enough BOOST will SOUND BLUES the CHANNEL RHYTHM of AC / DC will become the VAN HALEN and CHANNEL. SOLO BOOST enough, it will become a HARD CORE METTALICA.

GT: If you do KIRK HAMMET the GAIN.
Pop is not that they are the minority, but I GAIN GAIN I make it look like it’s because the music is the music I PUSH it makes it hard to like a lot. MEGADETH at the break 3-4 to hear the really hardly at all, but because of the way he played the MUTE line with RIFF format, it is a song that’s suing us. We think it makes much difference. I’ve read interviews with artists that tell you that it’s not the size that I MEGADETH guitarist and a fine of at least two people. Whenever you adjust the GAIN is that you will have problems with that guitar in the mean time you MIX MIX. Album. Mean if we push the guitar to the would drown out the instrument, but if we lose to them, otherwise you will not have many people saying that SOUND ROCK A CLASSIC is the SOUND of AC / DC is good, is it. We feel that it is the guitar. Although it does not break. With music it is. I feel it’s made a lot of people so it will be a lot different. To play the music of AC / DC, for example, it is not just a crack PAUL GILBERT. I like to play with RACER X, but I came into this MR.BIG PRODUCER told them to listen to them in order to reduce the GAIN to make guitar music not heard more PAUL said. that he could not play in the first place. It takes awhile to clear out all the better BAND. The difference is that it is not noticed by the music of METTALICA COMPROSS guitar up front. The bass is rarely heard. Another is that. This makes it harder. When the medium decreases. METTALICA guitar style he called SCOOP MID to have the space to do about it.

I pop, I have friends who play music together I bought it when I was a child, I do not know what we were put on the trailer DISTORTION. (Laughs) Because some people try OVERDRIVE, then I think that would be a mistake because it is a METAL OVERDRIVE DISTORTION is not the way it will be a little OVERDRIVE the Bulls. There is no way for us to have a voice within the TURE SCREAMER IRON MAIDEN, but the kids thought it was initially. If it is not so. Will lead to the extension DISTORTION DISTORTION different enough to make it to the next (I) is intended for play CHORD and took DISTORTION OVERDRIVE.
We did not have to care about it, meat is. It can be concluded that it is sometimes necessary to have some time to study. We reduce the time to search our Forum. Than I can understand this for many years that the TS 9 also music what to do and I learn so that they DISTORTION and the OVERDRIVE can be used for BOOST guitar for the next few minutes, to make it easier. SOLO, I will use it. Then I adjust the amp. Disagreeing with them.
One amp is to the FOOT SWITCH SINGLE CHANNEL is no where to go. We will use PA or TS 9 Pedal OVERDRIVE DISTORTION general or as we like to make this easier, it is a SOLO artist all over the initially AMP MARSHALL example, it is better than nothing. It is very difficult for us to get used to it because we want to OVERDRIVE SOUND so I felt that I had to use the same one BOOST PEDAL they like STEVE VAI VIVIAN CAMBELL PAUL GILBERT was made.
GT: MODIFY talks are said to TS-9 REISSUE not like the sound of the ORIGINAL.
You Popeye: I understand that as a relatively REISSUE ORIOINAL but it has a LOT of IC IC has been discontinued. He has been compared to the values close to the IC OP AMP called him again, which may have some slots that they may be made representative SOUND similar, but not identical. Perhaps it is a matter of mind. The instrument. If you ask me to buy anything I do not buy it (laughter) Usually it’s been difficult to find. But if you have a degree, you buy REISSUE any search, you’ll go for someone you have ORIGINAL try if it’s similar, it’s OK, but if it’s not OK, it’s up to you, but TS-9. It is on the market is not going to focus on REISSUE with ORIGINAL but they are comparable to TS-9 to TS-808 is a 2 are MAIN BOARD the same, but the IC, as I said, so if you want to MODIFY REISSUE it. TS-808 IC, then you need to change about 2-3.
GT: ORIGINAL or REISSUE now I use it.
I pop I used REISSUE, I was going to change as well. But I say do not fix what is not broken (laughs) I used to be a busy time, but it is a PROCESS we should know that we should be thinking about the MAIN main guitar over. But if by chance it should not be very time consuming to do. Is the subject of a MODIFY it is now a lot more for them PEDAL that it overflows a single market, it has emerged that the OVERDRIVE or WAH best in the world, but that WAH is WAH, but it’s not that. WAH is the best in the world. It is a step by step with what we have, so I suggested that we have is not enough, we must. I play it with. I have to get all serious, I speak in WEB or whatever is the one that controls SOUND, then pedal WAH is, then I know that I will use OVERDRIVE do it if we will go the way of by a fine not to. WAH pedal is a pedal. It’s useless. Because he is keen to play the bass WAH which it SMOOTH I really want to play a little more time to do better music. Played before. Then I look at them whenever you use the STANDARD, you must have something to do with the TS-9, 808 or what comes out new, if it’s included, it is OVERDRIVE then. How would you use it the way I was told to do.

GT: It must be done.
Pop is not as good as it is, but if an AMP AMP the sound is too loud, but I know that it is trying to look crackling AMP LEVEL MAX I DRIVE 1 or 0, but we like the TONE. This makes it sound more like a guitar version of BOOST RICHIE SAMBORA.

GT: How can I referred to my TS-9.
I pop, I think you have to use that it is OK is the most played Bull with AMP that had been worn for BOOST to SOLO sound way is paying BOOST for SOLO AMP with crack TS-9 into OVERDRIVE. That sounds good to me. But that does not mean that the TS-9 OVERDRIVE is the best in the world. Plus, it comes to a colorful place. You must know that you will use to get OVERDRIVE.
GT: I’ve seen a TS-9 BOOST ERIC CLAPTON well.
I pop, I thought he’d be up 5-6 DRIVE Sometimes I’m fine with about 4 to about it after I MATCH LEVEL LEVEL so that I may be LEVEL. Another to make it fly. Some people use the DRIVE is “O” LEVEL MAX and adjust it.